Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In case you missed the comments section...

Often the comments section in blogs are reasonably personal comments that I appreciate, but am not sure that everyone else will. One came in today, however, from Katharine Hansen that gives a bit different view point than mine on informational interviewing. Katharine is actually the author of that huge list of questions from Quint Careers that I referenced. Since I have entrusted hundreds of students and clients with Katherine's list, I thought her opinion should get some airtime as well. Here is her comment.

Thanks for the shoutout for my collection of informational interview questions and tutorial. Informational interviewing is such a fantastic technique, especially in these tough times. I don't totally agree with you about the interview NOT being a way to get a foot in the door or about not bringing a resume to the interview, but these are perfectly valid viewpoints that lots of professionals share. I think it's OK to ask an informational interviewee for a quick resume critique -- IF you've established excellent rapport with the interviewee.
I'll have to say that I agree on the rapport with interviewee, but am probably a bit more adamant about maintaining boundaries in most informational interviews.

Please check out Katharine's book, A Foot in the Door at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, or any other online book seller. Chapter 18 is a much more thorough treatment of informational interviewing.

Katherine Hansen, A Foot in the Door, ISBN 1-58008-140-1 51495

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